Helpful reference materials for the Filecoin specification, implementations, and ecosystem.

About Filecoin

Filecoin Network

Node implementations


Network.filecoin.io - lists all current Filecoin networks and related information.

Network status

Tools to check status and details of the network and chain.

Block explorers

Chain data and monitoring

Storage/Deals status

Storage Web Applications

Web-based applications that store your data on Filecoin. No command-line or coding experience required.

APIs & Developer tools

Developer tools, API clients & storage services that developers can use to build on Filecoin.

Storage APIs for app builders

  • Estuary - a simple IPFS node that integrates with Filecoin. For infrastructure operators, developers and users.
  • NFT.storage - beta service from Protocol Labs for storing off-chain NFT data on IPFS and Filecoin.
  • Web3.storage - beta service from Protocol Labs for storing off-chain dapp data on IPFS and Filecoin, with help from Pinata (a fast IPFS Pinning Service) to distribute the content across IPFS
  • Slate.host - has a Developer API that allows you upload files with an account
  • Textile.io’s tools - suite of tools for interacting with IPFS and Filecoin
    • includes The Hub, Buckets, ThreadsDB, Powergate, Tableland (new) and Filecoin bridges to Polygon and NEAR
    • Powergate - infrastructure tool for using IPFS for hot storage and retrieval and Filecoin for cold, with deal helpers and other convenience features
    • Textile Buckets - simplified cloud bucket store on IPFS with archive to Filecoin option using Powergate under the hood
  • Fleek’s tools - provides access to Fleek’s hosted services using IPFS, Textile, Filecoin, Ethereum, etc.
    • Space SDK - JS library backed by Fleek’s hosted services
    • Space Daemon - GoLang library for building desktop apps

Message signing tools

Node Infrastructure & APIs

NOTE: making deep calls into the chain’s history may take some time to return and it may be more efficient to use a chain database (e.g. used by block explorers) that stores the chain’s history and is optimized for queries.

Scalable endpoint hosting

For running a node cluster of load balanced Lotus JSON RPC API endpoints.

  • Filecoin-chart (k8 cluster) - Helm chart for hosting Lotus Node clients.

Filecoin API clients

  • Filecoin.js (outdated) - higher-level JS library for interacting with Lotus via JSON-RPC API.
  • js-lotus-client - lower-level JS wrapper for basic parsing of the Lotus JSON RPC API.
  • lotus-json-rpc-provider (outdated) - wraps the Lotus API in TypeScript.

Storage provider index API

  • Filrep.io API - A suite of RESTFul JSON endpoints to discover the best storage provider to make deals with.
  • Textile Storage Provider Index - API and CLI to find storage providers by price, observed deals, speed from North American nodes.

Data prep tools

Databases using IPFS and Filecoin

  • Tableland - (new) create familiar SQL tables to read and write dynamic NFT metadata or application data for dapps, from Textile
  • OrbitDB - decentralized multi-party database on IPFS with multi-party syncing with topic pubsub and CRDTs. Filecoin integration using Powergate available at orbit-db-powergate-io.
  • ThreadsDB - decentralized multi-party database for user-siloed data on IPFS, from Textile

Other developer tools

Storage providers

Storage provider reputation systems

  • Codefi Storage - view the Filecoin Storage Market, storage provider info, asking price, completed deals.
  • FIL Swan - for offline deals, storage provider info, prices, offline deal acceptance.
  • Filrep.io - Index of online storage providers and their pricing, ranked by power and reputation score.
  • Textile Storage Provider Index - API and CLI to find storage providers by price, observed deals, speed from North American nodes.
  • SpaceGap - shows storage proof deadlines and sector details for the top 50 storage providers.

Storage provider tools

  • Bidbot - A Filecoin Network sidecar to bid in storage deal auctions.
  • Filgas.io - real-time Filecoin mining gas queries.
  • Lotus Farcaster - Prometheus, Grafana and Python monitoring dashboard.
  • Mining Benchmarks: Hardware performance comparisons from the Filecoin community.

Storage client and miner programs

Retrieval Market resources (WIP experiments)

The Retrieval Market is in early development; research and development teams are actively exploring improvements.


Tools for sending and receiving FIL tokens. For dev tooling see message signing tools above

Wallets (audited)

Wallets that have conducted third-party audits of their open-source code by a reputable security auditor are recommended below.

Also see the Wallet-related tools section above.

Other wallets

The wallets below support FIL tokens. We recommend verifying that these have been security audited by reputable 3rd party auditors and that the codebase is open sourced. Please evaluate these wallets for security risks at your own discretion, as an insecure wallet may lead to loss of funds.

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