Public RPC endpoints are available for the Filecoin mainnet.

Chainlist contains a dynamically updated list of available Filecoin RPCs. Find out more at chainlist.org's Filecoin listings.

These endpoints are limited to read-only Filecoin JSON RPC API calls and MPoolPush for sending messages that have already been signed.

Please note that publicly available hosted endpoints only guarantee 2000 of the latest blocks.

  • HTTPS: https://api.node.glif.io/rpc/v1

  • WebSocket: wss://wss.node.glif.io/apigw/lotus/rpc/v1

  • Lotus lite-node command:

    FULLNODE_API_INFO=wss://wss.node.glif.io/apigw/lotus lotus daemon --lite

    When using a lite-node, omit /rpc/v1 from Glif’s WebSocket address.

These nodes are available for free to users for the first month, after which the user will have to pay to maintain access.

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