Get test tokens

Test funds are available to developer so that they can test their smart contracts and applications within the confines of a test network. This page covers how to get test funds.

Calibration testnet

MetaMask is one of the easier ways to manage addresses on the Calibration testnet. MetaMask uses the t4 address type, which allows developers to create and manage Solidity contracts easily. Follow the MetaMask setup guide if you havn’t set up an address in your MetaMask wallet yet.

  1. In your browser, open MetaMask and copy your address to your clipboard.

  2. Go to and click Send Funds.

  3. Paste your address into the address field and click Send funds:

  4. The webpage will give you a transaction ID:

  5. You can copy this ID into a block explorer to track the progress of your transaction:

That’s all there is to it! Getting tFil is easy!

Local testnet

Before we begin, you must have a local testnet running. Follow the Run a local network guide if you haven’t got a local testnet set up yet.

  1. Change directory to where you created the lotus and lotus-miner binaries. If you followed the Run a local network guide these binaries will be in ~/lotus-devnet:

cd ~/lotus-devnet
  1. View the wallets available on this node with lotus wallet list:

./lotus wallet list
  1. Create the send request with lotus send, supplying the pre-mined t3q4o... address as the --from address, the new t1snl... address as the receiving address, and the amount of FIL we want to send:

./lotus wallet list
./lotus send --from <PRE-MINED ADDRESS> <TO ADDRESS> <VALUE>

For example:

./lotus send --from t3q4o7gkwe7p7xokhgws4rwntj7yqfhpj5pm6cqc7dycl7cwk4uvgh2odwdvge5re7ne5gcc6xluifss5uu5cq t1snly7vh4mjtjznwze56ihrdhzfwvbajywwmrenq 2000
  1. Check the balance of your new t1snl... address with lotus wallet balance:

./lotus wallet balance <ADDRESS>

For example:

./lotus wallet balance t1snly7vh4mjtjznwze56ihrdhzfwvbajywwmrenq

If you want to manage your local testnet tokens in MetaMask you will need to create a t4 address. You can create a t4 address using lotus wallet new deleated. Once you have a t4 address you can connect MetaMask to your local testnet to see the new balance within the MetaMask extension.

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