The Builder Cookbook is designed to help builders quickly discover and learn the specific features required to develop robust solutions on Filecoin.

This comprehensive collection of straightforward recipes serves as a practical guide, showcasing the usage and best practices of core features on Filecoin, enabled by the Filecoin Virtual Machine(FVM).

How to use this cookbook?

These cookbook recipes are solution-focused (e.g. "How can I do..."), as opposed to tutorials for standalone features (e.g. "How can I use..."). They serve as a valuable feature database for builders, enabling them to select and develop various dApps.

Each recipe contains:

  • Introduction

    A clear and brief overview or context of this recipe that focuses on explaining a specific, small feature.

  • Ingredients

    a set of the necessary tools, libraries, or dependencies required for this recipe might need to be installed in advance.

  • Instructions

    step-by-step instructions for implementing the recipe with code examples, and expected output if there is one. The code snippet in the example can be slightly modified and copied into your projects for experimentation.

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