Helpful reference materials for the Filecoin specification, implementations, and ecosystem.

About Filecoin

Filecoin Network

Node implementations

Networks - lists all current Filecoin networks and related information.

Network status

Tools to check status and details of the network and chain.

Block explorers

Chain data and monitoring

  • - network health monitoring

  • - node telemetry monitoring - add your node!

  • Orphan blocks (not an official protocol term in the Filecoin Spec) - Blocks without rewards that were either mined on the wrong tipset that the network fails to deliver in time, or a mix resulting in reorgs.

  • Sentinel Project - Filecoin Network Monitoring and Analysis System

Storage/Deals status

Storage Web Applications

Web-based applications that store your data on Filecoin. No command-line or coding experience required.

APIs & Developer tools

Developer tools, API clients & storage services that developers can use to build on Filecoin.

Storage APIs for app builders

  • Estuary - a simple IPFS node that integrates with Filecoin. For infrastructure operators, developers and users.

  • - beta service from Protocol Labs for storing off-chain NFT data on IPFS and Filecoin.

  • - beta service from Protocol Labs for storing off-chain dApp data on IPFS and Filecoin, with help from Pinata (a fast IPFS Pinning Service) to distribute the content across IPFS

  • - has a Developer API that allows you upload files with an account

  •'s tools - suite of tools for interacting with IPFS and Filecoin

    • includes The Hub, Buckets, ThreadsDB, Powergate, Tableland (new) and Filecoin bridges to Polygon and NEAR

    • Powergate - infrastructure tool for using IPFS for hot storage and retrieval and Filecoin for cold, with deal helpers and other convenience features

    • Textile Buckets - simplified cloud bucket store on IPFS with archive to Filecoin option using Powergate under the hood

  • Fleek’s tools - provides access to Fleek’s hosted services using IPFS, Textile, Filecoin, Ethereum, etc.

    • Space SDK - modular JavaScript/Typescript library and set of interfaces that packages tools and features enabled by Open Web protocols like IPFS, Textile, Filecoin, and Ethereum.

    • Space Daemon - packages together IPFS, Textile Threads and Buckets, and Textile Powergate into one easy to install background service

Message signing tools

  • Filecoin Rosetta API Proxy - Rosetta is an API standard created by Coinbase for a consistent interface to many chains for wallets and exchanges.

  • FilSnap MetaMask Plugin - MetaMask has a new plugin system currently still in beta that developers can try out. The MM UI will not change but Filecoin keys are in the MM vault.

Node Infrastructure & APIs

NOTE: making deep calls into the chain’s history may take some time to return and it may be more efficient to use a chain database (e.g. used by block explorers) that stores the chain’s history and is optimized for queries.

Scalable endpoint hosting

For running a node cluster of load balanced Lotus JSON RPC API endpoints.

  • Filecoin-chart (k8 cluster) - Helm chart for hosting Lotus Node clients.

Filecoin API clients

  • Filecoin.js (outdated) - higher-level JS library for interacting with Lotus via JSON-RPC API.

  • js-lotus-client - lower-level JS wrapper for basic parsing of the Lotus JSON RPC API.

  • lotus-json-rpc-provider (outdated) - wraps the Lotus API in TypeScript.

Storage provider index API

  • API - A suite of RESTFul JSON endpoints to discover the best storage provider to make deals with.

  • Textile storage provider Index - API and CLI to find storage providers by price, observed deals, speed from North American nodes.

Data prep tools

Databases using IPFS and Filecoin

  • Tableland - (new) create familiar SQL tables to read and write dynamic NFT metadata or application data for dApps, from Textile

  • OrbitDB - decentralized multi-party database on IPFS with multi-party syncing with topic pubsub and CRDTs. Filecoin integration using Powergate available at orbit-db-powergate-io.

  • ThreadsDB - decentralized multi-party database for user-siloed data on IPFS, from Textile

Other developer tools

Storage providers

Storage provider reputation systems

  • FIL Swan - for offline deals, storage provider info, prices, offline deal acceptance.

  • - Index of online storage providers and their pricing, ranked by power and reputation score.

  • SpaceGap - shows storage proof deadlines and sector details for the top 50 storage providers.

Storage provider tools

  • Bidbot - A Filecoin Network sidecar to bid in storage deal auctions.

  • - real-time Filecoin mining gas queries.

  • Lotus Farcaster - Prometheus, Grafana and Python monitoring dashboard.

Storage client and miner programs

Retrieval Market resources (WIP experiments)

The Retrieval Market is in early development; research and development teams are actively exploring improvements.

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Grants and accelerators

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