# Signing libraries

Signing libraries can be used to sign transactions without requiring a dedicated node.. They facilitate that applications that are running offline, on a mobile device, or anywhere to create transactions which can then be later submitted to any Filecoin API endpoint (perhaps by a 3rd party).

This documentation page is a stub! If you have more information or knowledge about signing libraries, please contribute it!

# Filecoin signing tools

The Filecoin signing tools project (opens new window) provides Rust Native and WASM signing-libraries, as well as a JSON RPC server implementation to expose their functionality remotely and some examples on how to use all of it from many languages.

The source code repository can be found here (opens new window).

# Filecoin.js

Filecoin.js (opens new window) aims to be a complete library for interacting with local or remote Filecoin nodes. It can be used to sign (opens new window) and verify messages and supports multiple wallet providers.

# Filecoin-js-signer

Filecoin-js-singer (opens new window) is signing library and RPC client in pure Typescript / Javascript with the necessary methods to create, sign and broadcast messages to send FIL, and interact with Filecoin's built-in actors (like Payment Channel and Multisig).

For more information about how to use it, please learn from the following resource.