Transfer FIL

Due to the nature of Filecoin and Etheruem having different address types in the Filecoin network, the process for transfering FIL between addresses can be a bit nuanced. This page explains the process for transferring FIL.

Etheruem-style addresses start with 0x. Filecoin addresses start with f. There are four paths for transferring funds across the Filecoin network depending on which address type you are transferring from and to:

From an Eth-style addressFrom a Filecoin address
To an Eth-style addressEth-style address → Eth-style addressFilecoin → Eth-style address
To a Filecoin addressEth-style address → FilecoinFilecoin → Filecoin

Eth-style address → Eth-style address

There are no special steps or requirements for sending Filecoin from one Eth-style address to another on the Filecoin network. Follow the standard process for your wallet. MetaMask has a simple guide for how to send Ethereum from one account to another.

Eth-style address → Filecoin

Use the FilForwarder process.

Filecoin → Eth-style address

Most wallets and exchanges currently only support f1 or f3 addresses. The majority of exchanges are still implementing support for f4 addresses. Many wallets and exchanges won’t let you directly transfer FIL to an f4 or Ethereum-style address. We recommend filing a support issue with the exchange to help accelerate the support of f4 addresses. The process for sending FIL from a Filecoin address to an Ethereum address depends on the kind of wallet you have.

Ledger device

Currently, Ledger Live does not support 0x or f4 addresses, so you cannot use it to directly send funds to a 0x address. However, you can connect your Ledger device to the wallet and transfer FIL from a Filecoin address to an Etheruem-style 0x address. This method is more secure than the Hot wallet method detailed below since your private keys never leave your Ledger device.

In this method, you will connect your Ledger device to the website app and use the app to send FIL from your Ledger to an Eth-style address.

  1. Log in to the Ledger Live dashboard and update your Ledger device’s Filecoin app to version 0.22.9:
  2. Ensure your Ledger device is connected to your computer and the Filecoin app is open on your hardware wallet. Your Ledger should display Filecoin ready:
  3. Go to Glif and click Connect Wallet:
  4. Select Ledger (Filecoin) and unlock your Ledger device, selecting the Filecoin application:
  5. Once connected, you should see the details of your Filecoin account stored on your Ledger:
  6. Click Send FIL.
  7. Enter the Eth-style 0x address you wish to send to. Glif will automatically convert the 0x address into an f4 address.
  8. Enter the amount of FIL you want to send.
  9. Click Send.
  10. Verify the information is correct and accept the transaction on your hardware device.
  11. You can check the status of this transfer by clicking the transaction ID link:
  12. The transferred FIL will take around two minutes to show up at the Eth-style 0x address.

Hot wallet

A hot wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that is always connected to the internet. They allow you to store, send, and receive tokens. Because hot wallets are always connected to the internet, they tend to be somewhat more vulnerable to hacks and theft than cold storage methods. However, they a generally easier to use than cold wallets and do not require any specific hardware like a Ledger device.

In this method, you will create a burner wallet using Glif, transfer FIL to the burner wallet, and then transfer FIL from the burner wallet to Metamask.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Under Burner wallets, click Create Seed Phase.
  3. Write down your seed phrase somewhere safe. You can also copy or download the seed phrase. You will need it later.
  4. Click I’ve recorded my seed phrase.
  5. Using your seed phrase, enter the missing words in the blank text fields.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click Next again.
  8. In the upper left corner of your wallet dashboard, click on the double squares icon next to your address to copy it.
  9. Record this address. You will need it later.
  10. From your main wallet account or exchange, transfer some funds to this address.
  11. From Metamask, copy your 0x address.
  12. Once the funds appear in the burner wallet, click on Send.
  13. Enter the necessary information into the text fields:
    • In the Recipient field, enter your 0x style address. GLIF automatically converts it to an f4 address.
    • In the Amount field, enter the amount of Fil to send.
    • In Params, add optional Base64 parameters.
  14. Click Review.
  15. Once you’ve reviewed, click Send.
  16. The Fil will arrive in your Metamask wallet shortly.

Filecoin → Filecoin

There are no special steps or requirements for sending Filecoin from one Filecoin-style address to another on the Filecoin network.