Start storing

Storing data on Filecoin lets users harness the power of a distributed network and an open market served by thousands of different storage providers.

Get started

Users can use the following software solutions to store data on the Filecoin network:


The following applications allow you to store data on the Filecoin network with no technical setup:

  • ChainSafe Files provides decentralized cloud storage with end-to-end encryption in a Dropbox-like interface. Check out the blog post by ChainSafe for a quick overview of the service.
  • Estuary allows uploading and storing content on the Filecoin network directly from your browser, command line, and API.
  • Web3.Storage is an IPFS pinning service and Filecoin storage platform built-in-one. Upload files to Web3.Storage and access them instantly, safe in the knowledge that your data is securely backed up using the Filecoin network.
  • Slate Slate is a search tool designed to help you remember and keep track of things you care about on the web.

Filecoin Node Client

  • Lotus imports data and performs deals on the chain using its daemon and CLI. Lotus users get full control of the deals, the chosen providers, and the wallets used to pay. Make sure you are familiar with Lotus and have it installed and running.

Digital Preservation

  • Starling uses Lotus to simplify decentralized storage for digital preservationists and archivists.


  • provides decentralized video hosting using decentralized transcoding using the LivePeer network.

Additional resources

There are additional storage solutions that you should not miss. While they have a focus on developers, some of them have simple CLI interfaces that simplify their usage:

  • Filebase is a geo-redundant IPFS pinning service that offers automatic 3x replication for all IPFS files and an S3-compatible API for widespread versatility. Filebase will soon include Filcoin in its portfolio.
  • Fleek provides easy hosting and storage solutions on IPFS and their SpaceDaemon and upcoming Space SDK use Filecoin.
  • Pinata is an IPFS pinning service that will soon include Filecoin in its portfolio.
  • Powergate a multi-tiered storage solution that stores data with IPFS and Filecoin.
  • Textile Buckets provide S3-like storage using IPFS with Filecoin-backed archival and has an easy-to-use CLI.