# Store data on Filecoin

Storing data on Filecoin lets users harness the power of a distributed network and an open market served by thousands of different storage providers or miners.

# Get started

Users can use the following software solutions to store data on the Filecoin network:

# Apps

The following applications allow you to store data on the Filecoin network with no technical setup:

  • Slate allows uploading and storing content on the Filecoin network directly from your browser. It supports one time deals, is perfect for creating image galleries, and the first 50 GB of storage is free!
  • ChainSafe Files (opens new window) provides decentralized cloud storage with end-to-end encryption in a Dropbox-like interface. Check out the blog post by ChainSafe (opens new window) for a quick overview of the service.
  • Space Storage (opens new window) by Fleek is an open-source, user-controlled, encrypted file storage and sharing platform using IPFS and Filecoin, tied to Ethereum accounts or common web OAuth options.

# Filecoin Node Client

  • Lotus imports data and performs deals on the chain using its daemon and CLI. Lotus users get full control of the deals, the chosen miners, and the wallets used to pay. Make sure you are familiar with Lotus and have it installed and running.

# Digital Preservation

  • Starling uses Lotus to simplify decentralized storage for digital preservationists and archivists.

# Video

# Additional resources

There are additional storage solutions that you should not miss. While they have a focus on developers, some of them have simple CLI interfaces that simplify their usage: