The Hyperspace testnet is a pre-production developer focused testnet. This network is designed for developers to build and test their toolings, applications, smart contracts, and actors on a public network. Developers should consider the Hyperspace testnet stable as it will only be reset under catastrophic circumstances.

Supports 512 MiB, 32 GiB, and 64 GiB sectors.

Maintainer: @f8-fil-ops


  • CAR File: Qmbu9g75GMjbokCNHPQPXAyKZoY8NqVYtkY4PQT7Zvp2T6
  • Reset Timestamp: 2023-01-16T6:00:00Z
  • Genesis Block CID: bafy2bzacebqfpeylmrl4h3pq4ofbdj2bfbw2i45fuy6qm4wxcyebpsxhrpqhu
  • sha1 Digest: 52d82b6fcad138a726477152ff2543a91f2b83f8

Network parameters

  • Supported Sector Sizes: 512 MiB and 32 GiB and 64 GiB
  • Consensus Miner Min Power: 16 GiB
  • Epoch Duration Seconds: 30
  • Expected Leaders per Epoch: 5
  • WindowPoSt Proving Period: 2880
  • WindowPoSt Challenge Window: 60
  • WindowPoSt Period Deadlines: 48
  • Pre-Commit Challenge Delay: 10

Bootstrap peers



FVM release