The calibration network is the most realistic testnet simulation of the Filecoin mainnet.

The Calibration testnet is the most realistic simulation of the Filecoin mainnet.

Prospective storage providers can experience more realistic sealing performance and hardware requirements using final proofs constructions and parameters. Storage clients can store and retrieve real data on the network. Clients can also participate in deal-making workflows and storage and retrieval functionality. The sector size on the Calibration testnet is the same as on the Filecoin mainnet; 32 GiB and 64 GiB sectors are supported. This testnet also includes the Filecoin EVM-runtime features found on the Filecoin mainnet.

Developers can reference pre-existing deals that are already available on the network. See the PiKNiK documentation for more details. See the #fil-net-calibration-discuss channel in the Filecoin Slack for support.

Maintainer: Protocol Labs


  • CAR File: QmY581cXXtNwHweiC69jECupu9EBx274huHjSgxPNv1zAAj
  • Reset Timestamp: 2021-02-19T23:10:00Z
  • Genesis Block CID: bafy2bzaceapb7hfdkewspic7udnogw4xnhjvhm74xy5snwa24forre5z4s2lm
  • sha1 Digest: 944c0c13172b9f552dfed5dfaffaba95113c8254

Network parameters

  • Supported Sector Sizes: 32 GiB and 64 GiB
  • Consensus Miner Min Power: 32 GiB
  • Epoch Duration Seconds: 30
  • Expected Leaders per Epoch: 5
  • WindowPoSt Proving Period: 2880
  • WindowPoSt Challenge Window: 60
  • WindowPoSt Period Deadlines: 48
  • Pre-Commit Challenge Delay: 150

Bootstrap peers