# Slashing

Slashing penalizes miners that either fail to provide reliable uptime or act maliciously against the network.

In Filecoin, miners are succeptible to two different kinds of slashing: storage fault slashing, and consensus fault slashing.

# Storage fault slashing

This term encompasses a broader set of penalties which are to be paid by miners if they fail to provide sector reliability or decide to voluntarily exit the network. These include:

  • Fault fees: a penalty that a miner incurs for each day a miner's sector is offline (fails to submit Proofs-of-Spacetime to the chain). Fault fees continue until the associated wallet is empty and the miner is removed from the network. In the case of a faulted sector, there will be an additional sector penalty added immediately following the fault fee.
  • Sector penalties: a penalty that a miner incurs for a faulted sector that was not declared faulted before a WindowPoSt check occurs. The sector will pay a fault fee after a Sector Penalty once the fault is detected.
  • Termination fees is a penalty that a miner incurs when a sector is voluntarily or involuntarily terminated and is removed from the network.

# Consensus fault slashing

This penalty is incurred when committing consensus faults. This penalty is applied to miners that have acted maliciously against the network's consensus functionality.