Use a faucet

Faucets can send you some test FIL so that you can explore and experiment with a Filecoin testnet without having to pay for anything. There are two faucets available, one for the Builder testnet (buildernet) and the Hyperspace testnet.


Before we begin, you must have an address on the Hyperspace testnet. Follow the Add to MetaMask guide if you don’t have one yet.

Hyperspace testnet

  1. Open your browser and open MetaMask.
  2. Click your account to copy the address to your clipboard:
  3. Go to and scrolldown to the Faucet section.
  4. Paste your address into the address field, complete the I am human captcha, and then click Send:
  5. The faucet should give you a link to the transaction. Click it to view your transaction:
  6. The block explorer will show you the transaction history for your address. After a couple of minutes, you should see 5 tFIL transferred to your address.
  7. Open MetaMask to confirm that you received the tFIL:
  8. Done!