Deploy a contract

Learn how to deploy a contract to the FVM using one of many different tools and workflows.


You can quickly deploy a contract with Remix, the browser-based IDE maintained by the Ethereum Foundation.

  1. Go to

  2. Create a new Blank workspace:

    Select a blank workspace in Remix.

  3. Create a new file called contract.sol.

    Create a new file with the .sol extension.

  4. Write or paste your contract into the new file. When pasting, you may receive a warning about crypto scams.

  5. Compile your contract by either pressing CTRL + s, clicking on the Save button, or by selecting the Compile tab and clicking Compile contract.sol.

    Compile your contract one of three ways.

  6. Select the Deploy tab:

    Select the Deploy tab in Remix.

  7. Select your network from the Environment tab. If you want to deploy your contract to the Hyperspace testnet, follow the Add to MetaMask guide:

    Select your network in Remix.

  8. Click Deploy:

    Click Deploy in Remix.

  9. If everything was successful, you will see a success message at the bottom of the IDE window:

    Successful deployment message in Remix.

  10. Done!


You can deploy a contract using Hardhat. We’re going to use the FEVM Hardhat Kit repository in the Filecoin Project GitHub organization to get started quickly.


You must have the following installed:

You should also have an address on the Filecoin Hyperspace testnet. See the Add to MetaMask page for information on how to get an address. You also need test-FIL tFIL in your wallet. See the Use a Faucet page for information on how to get test funds.


  1. Clone the filecoin-project/FEVM-Hardhat-Kit repository and move into the FEVM-Hardhat-Kit directory:

    git clone
    cd FEVM-Hardhat-Kit
  2. Install the project dependencies with Yarn:

    yarn install
  3. Export your private key from MetaMask. See the MetaMask documentation to find out how to export your private key.

  4. In your terminal, create an environment variable called PRIVATE_KEY and paste in the private key from MetaMask:

    export PRIVATE_KEY='eed8e9d727a647f7302bab440d405ea87d36726e7d9f233ab3ff88036cfbce9c'
  5. Inside the contracts folder in a contract called SimpleCoin.sol. Deploy this contract using Hardhat:

    yarn hardhat deploy
    Compiled 1 Solidity file successfully
    Wallet Ethereum Address: 0x119bB8b0e3C3E5A1f2b608265342E3ef52c29594
    Wallet f4Address:  f410fcgn3rmhdyps2d4vwbatfgqxd55jmffmunzmqczq
    deploying "SimpleCoin" (tx: 0x2a2c50f8e34b582845e1f1991bc16cc6202caddc726af4737e2f5a9f47739ff4)...: deployed at 0x73867E39f7492a2ee2EBECBDF9c9FbcCabe4b760 with 17522415 gas
    ✨  Done in 79.61s. 

    The deployment process should take a couple of minutes. Once the contract has been successfully deployed, Hardhat will give you a contract address you can use to interact with the contract.

  6. You can now interact with your contract using the contract address given by Hardhat.

  7. Done!