Find out what’s happening with the FVM project, when it’ll go live, and what the team roadmap looks like.


The goal of the FVM project is to add general programmability to the Filecoin blockchain. Doing so will give developers all kinds of creative options, including:

  • Orchestrating storage.
  • Creating L2 networks on top of the Filecoin blockchain.
  • Providing new incentive structures for providers and users.
  • Frequently verifying that providers are storing data correctly.
  • Automatically finding which storage providers are storing what data.
  • Many more data-based applications.

Filecoin was the first network deploying programmability, post-genesis, to ensure that layer 0 of the Filecoin blockchain was stable and fully functional. Due to the large amounts of capital already secured within the Filecoin network, the development of the FVM needs to be careful and gradual.


The FVM roadmap is split into three initiatives:

  • Milestone 1: Initialize the project and allow built-in actors to run on the FVM.
  • Milestone 2: Enable the deployment of Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) compatible smart contracts onto the FVM. Also, allow developers to create and deploy their own native actors to the FVM.
  • Milestone 3: Continue to enhance programmability on FVM.

You can view the reference FVM project on GitHub.


The FVM project is being built by Protocol Labs, creators of the Filecoin network and Lotus – the reference Filecoin node implementation.