# Powergate

Powergate is a multitiered storage solution that stores data with IPFS ("Hot" storage layer) and Filecoin ("Cold" storage layer)

Powergate exposes higher-level APIs for developers that facilitate easier interaction with IPFS and Filecoin nodes. Powergate also handles wallet management, long-term deal management, and provides many features that improve the overall experience of being a storage client on Filecoin.

You can read more about Powergate in the Textile docs (opens new window).

Powergate is the recommended solution for developers who want an easier interface and better performance from Filecoin, but who prefer to manage their own nodes.


Hosted Powergate nodes are available. Check out how to get one and get started using it in our Hosted Powergate guide.

# How to use Powergate

There are many ways to interact with the Powergate. These pathways are well-documented on Textile’s Powergate docs. The high-level pathways are summarized here for a quick reference:


Sometimes the best way to learn is through examples.

# Additional Powergate resources

For a more detailed description of how Powergate works, we recommend reading the following docs: