# Estuary

Estuary makes storing data with Filecoin simpler by managing replication tasks and automating much of the workflow, allow you to carry on building your applications.

Estuary (opens new window) automates storage activities with Filecoin. At its core, Estuary is a simple IPFS node that integrates a minimal Filecoin client library. It is an open-source project built by ARG (opens new window) and is available at github.com/application-research/estuary (opens new window).

Estuary is a great solution for developers and users who want a more accessible interface to store data on Filecoin. See the Estuary documentation (opens new window) to learn more about the project.

# Using Estuary

Estuary is still in the early stages, and as such, isn't quite ready for a public release. However, you can request an invitation (opens new window) to test the project and start making Filecoin storage deals.

# Additional resources