# Build

Filecoin is for the builders. If you are excited about the potential of leveraging the Filecoin protocol and decentralized storage network to build game-changing applications, you’ve come to the right place. In this section, you will find some helpful resources as you get started building applications on Filecoin.

Read the resources in the Start Building section before you begin for helpful pointers on application architecture and networks to use when interacting and testing with Filecoin.

Core Products gives you an overview of the three main categories of products that we recommend to developers, and high-level pointers on how to run and integrate them in your application.

Developer Tools provides brief descriptions and links to tools and libraries that provide important functionality for application developers.

Examples includes end-to-end code examples, tutorials, and walkthroughs for applications built on Filecoin. The examples section currently features:

Please suggest any additional content that you would find useful using the links below.