Estuary makes storing data with Filecoin simpler by managing replication tasks and automating much of the workflow, allow you to carry on building your applications.

Estuary automates storage activities with Filecoin. At its core, Estuary is a simple IPFS node that integrates a minimal Filecoin client library. It is an open-source project built by ARG and is available at

Estuary is a great solution for developers and users who want a more accessible interface to store data on Filecoin. See the Estuary documentation to learn more about the project.

Store Data on Filecoin

If you want to quickly upload any data that is to be hosted on IPFS and stored on the Filecoin network:

  1. Go to and log in.

  2. Select Deals from the sidebar menu.

  3. Click Upload data and select the file you want to upload and create a storage deal for. Once the file is successfully uploaded, Estuary will output the cost for storing the data on the Filecoin Network, in both FIL and USD, size of the data, amount of the storage providers that the file is stored with, duration of the storage and whether the deal is verified.

    Estuary upload file successfully

  4. If your file is larger than 3.57Gib, that’s it; you can then click Make storage deal, and Estuary will first host the file on IPFS and attempt to make storage deals with six storage providers! To check your deal information, select Deals from the sidebar menu.

    Estuary deals

  5. If your data is less than 3.57Gib, it will be hosted on IPFS first and placed in the Staging Zone. A storage deal will be made a few hours later for the data to be stored on Filecoin Network.

Retrieve Your Data

Your data is retrievable as soon as a deal is created. Simply go to your deal page by selecting Deals from the sidebar menu, find the file you want to retrieve, click the link under RETRIEVAL CID, and you will get the data at any minute!

Estuary retrieve

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