# Slate

Slate is an open source storage system built on top of Filecoin. It is the first open-source file storage application designed to encourage collaboration and research across a distributed network. Slate's creation is a first step towards enabling a thriving network for data storage and transactions powered by IPFS, Filecoin, and Textile that is open and usable for everyone.

You can try out Slate at slate.host (opens new window). Early members get 50GB of free storage!


# Create a one-off storage deal

If you want to quickly upload some data to the Filecoin network without first hosting it on IPFS, you can create a one-off storage deal directly through Slate.

  1. Go to slate.host (opens new window) and log in.

  2. Select Storage Deal from the sidebar menu.

  3. Under Storage deal files, click Add file and select the file you want to create a storage deal for. For each file you add, Slate will output a CID.

    Slate showing two CIDs.

  4. You can further configure your deal to change things like the replication factor, deal duration, and maximum Filecoin price. Changing these values is optional, and the default values are most likely adequate for most users.

    Deal configuration options in Slate.

  5. If you want to encrypt your data, check the Encrypt this storage box. If this box is not checked, the files you uploaded will be available to anyone with the CIDs. Do not check this box if you intend to share the files you selected.

  6. Finally, click Make storage deal to instruct Slate to attempt to make a storage deal. An alert box confirms that your deal was successful.

    Deal confirmation alert box from Slate.

# Include or ignore specific miners

If you have a specific miner that you would like to send your request to, you can enter their Miner ID by clicking Add miner under the Miners section. Slate will attempt to create a deal with miners listed here first. If Slate cannot create a deal with the miners you select, it will attempt to create a deal with other miners on the network. Go to Filecoin > Miners to see a list of trusted miners.

Likewise, you can specify miners you do not want to create deals with. Enter the Miner IDs for each miner you want to ignore. Slate will not attempt to make any storage deals with these miners.

# Additional resources