# Reference

This section contains links and reference materials for Filecoin.

# About Filecoin

# Filecoin Network

# Node implementations

# Networks

Network.filecoin.io (opens new window) - lists all current Filecoin networks and related informations.

# Network status

Tools to check status and details of the network and chain.

# Block explorers

# Chain data and monitoring

# Storage/Deals status

# Storage Web Applications

Web-based applications that store your data on Filecoin. No command-line or coding experience required.

# APIs & Developer tools

Developer tools, API clients & storing service that developers can use to build on Filecoin.

# Storage APIs for app builders

# Message signing tools

# Node Infrastructure & APIs

NOTE: making deep calls into the chain’s history may take some time to return and it may be more efficient to use a chain database (e.g. used by block explorers) that stores the chain’s history and is optimized for queries.

# Scalable endpoint hosting

For running a node cluster of load balanced Lotus JSON RPC API endpoints.

# Filecoin API clients

# Storage provider index API

# Data prep tools

# Databases using IPFS and Filecoin

# Other developer tools

# Mining

# Miner reputation systems

# Miner tools

# Storage client and miner programs

# Retrieval Market resources (WIP experiments)

The Retrieval Market is in early development; research and development teams are actively exploring improvements.

# Wallets

Tools for sending and receiving FIL tokens.

# Wallets (audited)

Wallets that have conducted third-party audits of their open-source code by a reputable security auditor are recommended below.

# Other wallets

The wallets below support FIL tokens. We recommend verifying that these have been security audited by reputable 3rd party auditors and that the codebase is open sourced. Please evaluate these wallets for security risks at your own discretion, as an insecure wallet may lead to loss of funds.

# Ecosystem galleries

# Hackathons

# Grants and accelerators