# Reference

This section contains links and reference materials for Filecoin.

# About the protocol

# Filecoin specification

View the official Filecoin technical specification (opens new window) for the Filecoin protocol and its associated subsystems.

# Filecoin's economy

Engineering Filecoin's Economy (opens new window) - discusses the design of Filecoin's economic incentives.

# Filecoin Plus for verified data

The Filecoin Plus Client Onboarding (opens new window) Github repo describes how to participate in the Fil+ program. See the Engineering Filecoin's Economy (opens new window) report for additional info about the Fil+ verified data program that earns 10x in miner rewards.

# Videos

Visit the Filecoin Youtube channel (opens new window) to view past presentations from various Filecoin workshops, conference talks, and Filecoin meetups.

# Filecoin community resources and tools

Community projects to aid in installing, using & building on Filecoin.

# Filecoin resources in Chinese

Filecoin 资源分享目录 (opens new window) - community-maintained repo

# Join the network

# Node implementations

# Devnets and testnets

# Local devnets on your local machine

# Containers and virtualization

# Scalable endpoint hosting scripts

# Network status

Tools to check status and details of the network and chain.

# Block explorers

# Network stats

# Testnet explorers

# Chain data and monitoring

# Chain ingest tools

# Miner reputation systems

# Storage status

# Core dev calls

# APIs and developer tools

# Filecoin API clients

Currently for Filecoin storage deals we recommend using Powergate (opens new window) to simplify your app workflows either directly or indirectly (e.g. using Buckets, Space SDK, etc.)

# Powergate clients

# Storage tools for apps

# Databases using IPFS & Filecoin

# Storage apps on Filecoin

# Developer tools

# Ecosystem projects

# Grant programs and accelerators

Keep a lookout for other upcoming hackathons! Previous ones involving Filecoin included EthDenver (opens new window), EthOnline (opens new window), HackFS (opens new window), Spark University Hackathon (opens new window)...

# Mining

# Dashboards and reputation systems

# Miner tools

# Storage client and miner programs

# Wallets

Tools for sending and receiving FIL tokens:

Wallets that have conducted third-party audits of their open-source code by a reputable security auditor are recommended below.

# Other wallets

The wallets below support FIL tokens. We recommend verifying that these have been security audited by reputable 3rd party auditors and that the codebase is open sourced. Please evaluate these for security risks at your own discretion, as an insecure wallet may lead to loss of funds.

# Wallet tools for developers

# Filecoin signing tools

# Retrieval Market resources (WIP experiments)

The Retrieval Market in Filecoin is currently a basic version and research and development teams are actively exploring enhancements.