# The Filecoin Project

Curious about how it all got started, or where we're headed? Learn about the history, current state, and future trajectory of the Filecoin project here.

# Roadmap

The latest timing information is available in the Filecoin Mainnet Roadmap (opens new window).

# Research

Learn about the ongoing cryptography research and design efforts that underpin the Filecoin protocol on the Filecoin Research website (opens new window). The CryptoLab at Protocol Labs (opens new window) also actively researches improvements.

Filecoin is a highly modular project that is itself made out of many different protocols and tools. Learn more about the Filecoin-related projects supported by Protocol Labs.

# Code of conduct

The Filecoin community believes that our mission is best served in an environment that is friendly, safe, and accepting, and free from intimidation or harassment. To that end, we ask that everyone involved in Filecoin read and respect our code of conduct (opens new window).