Get test tokens

Test funds are available to developers so that they can test their smart contracts and applications within the confines of a test network. The process for getting test funds differs across test networks. This page covers how to get test funds on the Spacenet testnet.

A faucet is available at for developers to get test Filecoin (tFIL) on the Spacenet testnet. The faucet has the following restrictions:

  • The per-request allowance given by the faucet is 10 tFIL.
  • There is a daily maximum of 20 tFIL per address.
  • And we have also limited the maximum amount of funds that can be withdrawn daily.

The Spacenet faucet homepage.

Request more funds

If you need more Spacenet tFIL for your application, feel free to drop us a message at one of the following locations: