Spacenet is a Filecoin testnet modified to support Interplanetary Consensus (IPC). It aims to provide developers with a testbed to deploy their FVM use cases and innovate with new Web3 applications that leverage IPC subnets and the high-performance consensus provided by the Mir framework and the Trantor BFT consensus protocol. However, it is an experimental network, and users should expect unplanned downtime, complete restarts, and frequent bugs.

Maintainer: ConsensusLab

Spacenet is not just another Filecoin testnet. It has been modified to run the high-performance Trantor BFT consensus, implemented atop Mir, a framework for implementing distributed protocols. And did we forget to mention Spacenet comes with built-in Interplanetary Consensus (IPC) support?

Spacenet aims to provide developers with a testbed to deploy decentralized applications that can benefit from IPC’s capabilities, particularly the ability to deploy and transact in subnets.

To learn more about what you can do on Spacenet, visit the Interplanetary Consensus section. For instructions on working with Spacenet, visit the Spacenet repository.


Network parameters

  • Supported Sector Sizes: 2 KiB and 8 MiB
  • Consensus Miner Min Power: 2 KiB
  • Epoch Duration Seconds: 15
  • WindowPoSt Proving Period: 2880
  • WindowPoSt Challenge Window: 60
  • WindowPoSt Period Deadlines: 48
  • Pre-Commit Challenge Delay: 10

Bootstrap peers