# Lotus Miner

The Lotus Miner is a Filecoin miner implementation written by Protocol Labs. It is optionally complemented by the Lotus Worker.

This sections contains guides to setup and run succesful mining operations using Lotus and should be approached by advanced users only, familiar with how Filecoin works, how mining works and the operation of the Lotus Node.


Lotus Mining for mainnet has stringent minimal hardware requirements. If you do not reach the minimum requirements for the network you plan to use, you should not even attempt it.

# Getting started with Lotus Miner

The following guides are essential starting points for those willing to launch a Lotus miner:

  • Miner installation is covered in the Installation guide along with that of the Lotus Node. Once installation is completed all three application (node, miner and worker) should be installed.
  • The Miner setup covers all the details to configure your miner to achieve the maximum performance and avoid common pitfalls.
  • The Configuration reference explains what the different miner configuration options mean.
  • The Seal workers guide covers how to run additional seal workers co-located or not with the Lotus Miner.

We nevertheless recommend careful reading of every existing section and gaining as much background as possible before proceeding with a Lotus miner deployment.