# Install Filecoin

# Before you begin:

We recommend a dedicated computer that can be left running and connected to the network. If you don’t have a dedicated computer for this, you can use a remote server such as Digital Ocean. Here’s a starter configuration we use:

  • Type: Standard
  • CPU Type: Shared CPU
  • vCPUs: 4 vCPUs
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • SSD: 160 GB
  • Transfer: 5 TB

If you plan to mine (sell storage to others), see Testnet Storage Mining for additional hardware specifications.

# Installation Instructions

To install and run a Filecoin protocol implementation from the command-line, we recommend you install lotus, a Filecoin protocol implementation in Go.

  • To install lotus and connect to the lotus testnet: you can find installation instructions on the lotus documentation site. Building and running the lotus master branch will automatically connect you to the lotus testnet
  • To install lotus and connect to a lotus devnet (recommended for faster development cycles): you can find installation instructions in our guide to interacting with the network. You will have to build a specific branch of lotus to connect to a particular devnet.
  • To install Powergate, see the Textile Powergate documentation.
  • For more ways to install and use Filecoin, check out the Build section.