# Interacting with the network

This page outlines various options for connecting to local and remote test networks while building and operating your service or application.

Each Filecoin-based service or application will need to use at least one Filecoin node that maintains consensus. All interactions with the network must flow through an up-to-date node: sending and receiving market deals, sending and receiving data, and more.

You can run this node yourself or choose a hosted option. Running your own node offers more decentralized control, but it requires non-trivial time and resources. Choosing a hosted node makes it easier to get started quickly, but you’ll need to trust the hosting provider.

# Local networks

Here are some ways to spin up a mock version of the Filecoin network on your own machine(s), for quick testing and development:

# Running your own remote network

Here are some scripts to set up your own remote networks for development:

# Testnet

Filecoin Testnet is a live community test network, under active development.

# Hosted nodes for testnet

The Filecoin project has a limited number of dedicated, up-to-date nodes (synced with the latest Testnet chain) available to developers actively building storage services or applications. They are intended to jump-start development instead of waiting for your own node to sync, and not for production usage. To request a dedicated hosted node, please email filecoin-collabs@protocol.ai.

# Mainnet

Filecoin Mainnet launch is currently planned for Q3 2020. See the Filecoin blog for more information.