# Lotus: Upgrades

This guide will show you how to safely upgrade a Lotus node to a newer version.

# Installing an update

Usually, if you are updating Lotus, it as simple as rebuilding and re-installing the software after pulling the latest state for the chosen branch and repository. You can do that with:

git pull
git checkout <branch or tag>

Once the new version is checked-out, rebuild and re-install as explained in the installation guide.

You can verify your current version with:

lotus --version # for the lotus binary
lotus version   # for the currently running daemon

You will need to stop and start the daemon again after installing the new version.

# Nuking the Lotus data

In some occasions, for example in the case of a network reset (where an existing chain is rebooted from scratch), you will need to delete the lotus configuration folder located at ~/.lotus (or, if manually set, at $LOTUS_PATH):

rm -rf ~/.lotus # or $LOTUS_PATH


This will delete all chain data and wallets! Make sure you have exported your wallets and safely backed them up.

# Switching networks

If you want to switch networks, read this guide.