Account actor

The account actor is responsible for user account. If you want to call these methods in your smart contracts, you need to specify method number of that method you want to invoke. Please refer the each method for its method number.


func AuthenticateMessage(params AuthenticateMessage) EmptyValue ()

Authenticates whether the provided signature is valid for the provided message.

uint AuthenticateMessageMethodNum = 2643134072.


  • struct AuthenticateMessageParams
    • bytes AuthenticateMessageParamsSignature - it should be a raw byte of signature, NOT a serialized signature object with a signatureType.
    • bytes Message - The message which is signed by the corresponding account address.


  • struct EmptyValue.


func UniversalReceiverHook(params RawBytes) EmptyValue ()

Whenever the account receives transfers, this method will be invoked.

uint UniversalReceiverHookMethodNum = 3726118371.


  • bytes[] RawBytes - passes the bytes through how it is received.


  • struct EmptyValue - always success.