# Community

Filecoin is home to a vibrant, diverse community of thousands of contributors and miners from all over the globe! Here's how to get help, support, or just hang out with other folks who are helping to build the distributed web.

# Ways to contribute

No matter your area of specialty or level of expertise, there are many ways to contribute to Filecoin and make a real difference in the Filecoin community at large.

# Filecoin forums

The official Filecoin forums (opens new window) are the primary home of Filecoin-related discussion. Join the conversation on https://discuss.filecoin.io/ (opens new window) for everything from technical questions and project brainstorming to discussion of Filecoin use cases and more.

# Community chat

For short-lived discussions, join our community chat directly on Slack (opens new window) or via a bridge from Matrix (opens new window).

# ProtoSchool workshops

ProtoSchool isn't just home to interactive tutorials on DWeb topics — it's also a vibrant community of makers and do-ers around the globe! Community groups worldwide host ProtoSchool workshops (opens new window) regularly, offering you the opportunity to complete our interactive tutorials with the support of local mentors.

# Social media

We're in a lot of places. Here's how to find them all for your favorite platforms.