# Lotus: enable remote API access

This guide shows how to configure Lotus so that its APIs can be remotely accessed.

The Lotus Miner and the Lotus Node applications come with their own local API endpoints setup by default when they are running. Both lotus and lotus-miner act as a daemon (when launched with lotus daemon or lotus-miner run) and as client to that daemon (every other command).

In this section we will explain how to enable remote access to the Lotus APIs as run by the daemons.

Instructions are the equivalent for lotus and lotus-miner. For simplicity, we will just show how to do it with lotus by editing the Lotus Node configuration, but the same can be achieved by editing the Lotus Miner configuration.

# Setting the listening interface for the API endpoint

By default, the API listens on the local "loopback" interface ( This is configured in the config.toml file:

To access the API remotely, Lotus needs to listen on the right IP/interface. The IP associated to each interface can be usually found with the command ip a. Once the right IP is known, it can be set in the configuration:

  ListenAddress = "/ip4/<EXTERNAL_INTERFACE_IP>/tcp/3453/http" # port is an example

  # Only relevant for lotus-miner

TIP can be used too. This is a wildcard that means "all interfaces". Depending on the network setup, this may affect security (listening on the wrong, exposed interface).

After making these changes, please restart the affected process.