# Summary

In this tutorial, you learned to manage data on IPFS and Filecoin using Powergate.

We learned about:

  • Powergate and its benefits
  • How to set up your Powergate development environment
  • How to connect any javascript-based app with a Powergate instance
  • How to authenticate users with Powergate
  • How to fetch network details (un-authenticated requests) from Powergate endpoints
  • How to fetch FFS info (authenticated request) including FFS config, wallet list and other info from Powergate endpoints
  • How to configure storage options using FFS config
  • How to add data to FFS, and how to override the default FFS config for a specific CID
  • How to monitor the job and deal status of data added to FFS
  • How to fetch data from IPFS Network and Filecoin Network

If you're interested in diving into more of the details, visit the Simple Pinning Service repo (opens new window).